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Video Editing & Motion Graphics

Commercial Work

Morristown Dental | Practice Overview

I had the privilege of directing, filming, and editing this practice overview video for Morristown Dental as part of the PEAK Media Group video production team.

The video was created to highlight the professionalism of the Morristown Dental staff, showcase their services, and depict their friendly environment. It was specifically designed to be featured on their homepage, providing new customers with an introduction to the practice.

Zinnia App | Creative Cooking Ad

I had the pleasure of editing video ads and incorporating motion graphics to promote Zinnia, a mobile app developed by Pixite. These ads were crafted to captivate audiences across various social media platforms, effectively showcasing the app’s features and benefits while telling a story.

Scholar 401k | Newsletter Video

I had the opportunity to film and edit a series of Newsletter Videos for Scholar 401k. These videos were created with the aim of educating viewers and establishing Scholar 401k as a trusted source of information in wealth management. By providing valuable insights, the videos aimed to build trust and credibility with audiences

Social Media Shorts

Creative Work

Dating (Myself) in 2021 | Music Video

In 2021, I had the privilege of directing and editing the performance music video for ‘Dating (Myself)’ by Panduh. Serving as the director, editor, and also taking on the roles of camera operator and director of photography, I brought the vision of the song to life through captivating visuals and meticulous attention to detail, all in a one-day shoot.

Making It Work | Web-Series

Made on a shoestring budget with the help of friends, I took on the roles of co-writer, co-producer, director, director of photography, and sole editor in post-production for original web-series Making It Work.

While far from perfect, concept to execution, this project exemplifies creativity, resourcefulness, and a passion for storytelling.

Motion Graphics

Sometimes one person isn't enough

For larger scale productions, I established PEAK Media Group, a dedicated media production company equipped to handle projects requiring a full film crew.